Stop Running! - wINNER OF lEVEL uP Toronto People's Choice

The Game

Stop Running! is an independent game developed by students at Brock University.

Within the game you will be playing as one of four unique monsters as you run away from an imposing paladin throughout three separate levels. The goal is to outlast all other players using traps, dashes, and potions. Remember, you don’t have to be the fastest, you just can’t be the slowest!

You play as either:

Goblin – Greengrub Grabglint

Mushroom – Poplar

Slime – Oozington

Imp – Teeoon

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4Monsters Studio Team


Aaron Coomber (Lead)



Anderson Ferneyhough (Lead)

Jansen Otten

Jeremy Bone


Level Design

Matt Archambault (Lead)



Duck Hyun Ryoo (Lead)

Roger Bilodeau

Zachary Cervone



Austin Wilcox (Lead)

Harrison Forbes –



Kelly Waldbillig (Lead) –



Syd Warnock (Lead) –

Liam Ferguson